Relaxing, non-invasive and completely pain-free therapy

Applying natural science with ancient wisdom and the power of precious healing crystals.


Medica Health International Ltd creates, manufactures, sources and introduces cutting edge wellness products and medical equipment, our leading range being Theragem Fusion Light Therapy. The key to optimum homeostasis is fusing ancient wisdom with present day science to produce a unique therapeutic modality preparing the biological terrain on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, treating symptoms and root cause.

In line with worldwide ongoing growth and demand for quality wellness products, we recently rebranded our whole range to provide an optimum lifestyle package of medically registred and wellness products and certified training for every level. A warm welcome to our site! Any questions will be our pleasure to answer!


The Key to Optimum Homeostasis

Medica Health International Ltd’s mission is to research, develop and manufacture with natural resources and cutting edge technology, products and services to deliver the most optimum homeostasis in the global integrative healthcare market.Our mission is accomplished in three key steps:

> Evolutionary evolving research and science

> Providing the highest quality technology and service

> Hands on training

Our cutting edge medical advisors, scientists and engineers combine research and innovation to provide therapists on a global scale with the tools they need to provide fast, non-invasive therapy, with positive successful outcomes for their clients & patients.We also feel it is extremely important to protect the environment and the planet we live on, that’s why we use bio-degradable materials in all of our packaging and equipment where possible, as well as making a commitment to recycling and minimal printing.  

Catharina’s story

I still remember my first holiday at just 10 years old. We visited the grottos in Idar Oberstein, a famous mining area in Germany and to this day, the sparkling gems and crystals remain fresh and vibrant in my mind. At the end of the mine tour, our elderly guide came straight over to me.
“I have a special gift for you.” He handed me a beautiful, sparkling Clear Quartz and Amethyst crystal from deep within the mine. At the time I didn’t quite realise the significance of this gift, but he had looked within me and could sense that the crystals’ healing powers were drawn to me. “You’re destined for greater things, little girl.” Years later, I started my own practice and discovered Theragem and the non-invasive fusion of crystals through light, electromagnetic frequencies, colour and more. Theragem started me on a new journey and provided me with the chance to help those in need. With this amazing crystal light therapy, I could drastically improve lives and help with people with their pain. Seeing the positive experiences and hearing them from people all over the world on a daily basis it is my vision to see this therapy readily available for all in need. Come and enjoy a session with one of our registered therapist near you for your own enlightening experiences!


A fusion of proven techniques

Theragem blends well-documented ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to create truly comprehensive care for your clients.

Address the root cause

Theragem effectively treats the root cause of imbalances in the mind, body and spirit, before moving onto the symptoms.

Compatible with other therapies

Use the Theragem range as a standalone product, or in conjunction with other therapies to increase the speed of recovery and improve the end result.

Medica Health has developed a huge range of therapy types that can target specific complaints and imbalances with pinpoint accuracy. Please take a look at some of the amazing equipment that is available now for your practice or healthcare centre. From our state-of-the-art therapy machines to the metals and crystals infused Gemcups that provide their sparkling healing energy, Medica Health have everything you need to take your practice to the next level of integrative medicine.


Theragem is flexible, covers a wide range of conditions (mental, emotional and physical), and I have been delighted with the results I have seen when using itSue Rogerson - MICHT, Wellbeing Coach and Holistic Therapist



T1005 Clinique

Aluminium Flight Case


SunriseSunset SR-100

New LadyGem

T1003 LadyGem

Heart Quest Macbook Pro

Heart Quest


A1003 Acupuncture Wands



T1002 Professional


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