Asthma relieved; a new career

Maurita’s asthma story has been published before in Positive Life, and we felt it described so well how  rapid change can happen, let it inspire you!

Maurita Harling had suffered from asthma for 20 years and relied on both preventer and reliever (steroid) inhalers which kept her lungs constantly dilated. As her interest in complementary therapies grew, she took Selenium and Zinc followed by anti-oxidants which allowed her to come off her medication. However, when her work-related stress increased, bouts of asthma returned and she once again relied on increasingly strong medication. By September 2006 this was so strong that she decided to take early retirement from her job and concentrate on her career in holistic therapies.

In September 2007 she stopped medication altogether but by October she experienced tightening of her lungs on exertion and whilst asleep. Just as she was about to recommence medication Maurita heard about Crystal Light Therapy. She says: “I decided with my ‘holistic head’ it would be beneficial to try this treatment, particularly as I had trained in and explored the use of crystals in healing others.”

Initially, sapphire crystals with frequency, colour and light waves were beamed gently at Maurita’s temples, inducing a state of relaxation termed Elation. Then carnelian and diamonds were used over the spleen to energise and clean the blood. On the first two treatments, emeralds were used over the chest area to calm the lung tissues. On subsequent treatments this was substituted for carnelian and diamonds to energise the lungs. The strengths of the treatments were also increased slightly on later treatments.

Although initially Maurita did not feel any dramatic change, she realised over the next few weeks when she would tighten in her chest. This has caused her previously to become quite frightening and to reach for her reliever inhaler in alarm. Her attacks became less frequent and less intense. Eventually she was able to allow each attack to just go off of its own accord.

As time went on, Maurita found herself waiting for her chest to tighten after strenuous activity, but nothing happened. One cold, frosty day, as she carried her massage couch up some very steep steps in the sub-zero temperatures, Maurita realised to her surprise that she had no asthma.

She sums up: “The Theragem has certainly been instrumental in freeing me from asthma. Not only did I enjoy the gentle experience that kept my body drug-free, but, crucially, the treatment worked.”
Maurita H. 02/27/2008