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Phenomena Gemcup, the new Theragem Gemcup

The predecessors for the newest gemcup, the Seven Gem Rainbow Gemcup and the Nine Gem Ayurvedic Gemcup have step by step opened the way for the thirteen rays of light to come through. We call it Phenomena, because of its powerful sparkles of light and love for new beginnings, a stepping stone where the client fills in the positive outcome, no longer looking back on past tense in remorse.
In Theragem therapy, applied and combined with the frequencies, light, colour and precious metals, this irradiating gemcup sends healing, nourishing energy throughout all chakras, including mind, body, soul. Wonderful gemcup used to help cleanse, awaken and elevate towards the highest expression of inner and outer consciousness.
Uniquely and with each session the intent is set to send out ripples of healing and unifying energy throughout Earth and the Cosmos. More than ever before, this gemcup is best experienced to be appreciated!

‘My first impression while enjoying the Phenomena gemcup was that I seem to a vast ball of light which felt warm, comfortable and very safe. Overnight I felt the iffy, negative and niggling parts of me had shifted into drops of rainbow light and had become joy! My most inner feelings of unrest and stress have changed to this joyous sensation and have been a constant ever since. Love it!’ JK – UK

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Theragem highlight on tick bites and the after match

With news articles of studies and countries showing the steep rise in Lymes disease multiplying year by year and some countries even steeper than that, a thorough understanding of what the reactions are in the human bio terrain is the least what is expected from medical specialists and therapists.
Many sites even the weather sites, like ACCU weather, show the increasing activities of ticks year round, which is a necessary thing so to raise the awareness of the public.
So what do you do as a therapist to help support your clients in each stage of this disease? On Friday June 29th we have invited to our evening seminar a Lyme expert to share his insights with his patients and how he successfully approached the multiple levels of how this condition deteriorated his patients, some who even were at the verge of dying.
Please be invited and join us, if you let us know by telephone or via email (see contact page), excellent. The more informed the better!


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Special interview on Assemblage Point

Unlocking the Heart’s Hidden Gateway to the Soul’

Please follow this link of an interview we did for Academy of the Soul  with an awesome offer for you personally. Academy of the Soul has developed a beautiful online program for the sparkling development of the soul with some amazing features. Hook up with them as they also do weekly radio shows with many healers, readers and many more for free, so have a look and listen! Replay from Thursday February 8th

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Video BRMI interview on Theragem in Therapy

At the MedWoche exhibition in Germany our MHI team were visited by the Bioregulatory Medicine Institute from the USA. Their theme ‘Supporting the science of Self-Healing’ brought them over the pond for a in depth look into healing, resulting in this informative interview by Dr James Odell with our CEO Catharina Jansma. While one of their team members having a deep relaxing Theragem Elation therapy, Catharina explains the science supporting the therapy.


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German introduction page

Please find your German Medica Health Introduction here – click the flag

Bitte lesen Sie hier uber Medica Health International und ihre noninvasive Producten in die Deutsche Sprache

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Meditation CD for optimum homeostasis

Medica Health are now offering the ultimate add-on to your therapies or home use to reach that optimum homeostasis. Whether you are practicing in meditation or working with Assemblage Point Re-connection, this CD based on Hawaiian Huna tradition by our late Kahuna Laurence Heylen, you are guided to complete relaxation, allowing the connection with Io. Drop us email for a copy with proceedings of the sales going to our chosen charity.

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