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Medica Health talk to Ground Crew Command radio station

A second interview with Ground crew command radio going much deeper down the rabbit hole in this radio interview. This time how EMF is used as a portal for negative energies and how Zervana holograms can protect you efficiently. Not for the faint hearted! (Medica Health’s part of the show

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New HeartQuest Webinar Announcement – 11/09/2019 – 18:00 to 19:00

Upcoming Heart Quest Announcement NEW Update Coming – How do teeth and jaw relate to major meridians? How do we translate the information into therapeutic applications with solid reliable and repeatable measurements? Completely non-invasive. Join us for our New HeartQuest Webinar – Wednesday 11th September 2019 – 18:00 to 19:00.

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Medica Health talk to Ground Crew Command radio

Last month, Medica Health’s Catharina Jansma and David spoke to Ground Crew Command radio, to discuss DNA Activation and our wellness and healing products. In the podcast episode, we talk about how DNA Activation can bring about freedom, what it takes to take-out such major or crucial Cabal bases and

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Medica Health International ltd

Welcome to the New Medica Health Website

For a long time, we have been working on an online experience that is as useful and as user-friendly as our unique variety of therapeutic products. With the launch of our brand new website, we feel this has truly been achieved. From our complete range of Theragem devices and specialist medical equipment

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ARC of light blog

Theragem’s Light Way of Releasing the Old Lineages

2019 is a year of change, a landmark year which will uncover all repressed and subdued material from previous years and signify a process of evolution and growth. Finally, people across the world begin to see, feel and recognise that the incredible pressures put upon us are not normal. High-speed

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Join us for a 5 day Theragem retreat in Tenerife this May!

This Spring, 20 to 25 of May 2019 sees the first ever Theragem Retreat on the beautiful sunny island of Tenerife on the Canary Islands. We found this wonderful perfect hideaway of a gem that is ideal for our Theragem retreat, lots of beautiful open space, delicious, organic mostly vegetarian

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Calendar Montage

Get your sparkling Theragem calendar for 2019!

Our team here at Medica Health International Ltd, is ever so full of enthusiasm, loves to put Theragem in the picture, and have now created this gorgeous 2019 calendar!  And so that you can share the Theragem images, quotes and sparkling gems each month, we have felt it only right

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Theragem - Phenomena Gemcup

Phenomena Gemcup, the new Theragem Gemcup

The predecessors for the newest gemcup, the Seven Gem Rainbow Gemcup and the Nine Gem Ayurvedic Gemcup have step by step opened the way for the thirteen rays of light to come through. We call it Phenomena, because of its powerful sparkles of light and love for new beginnings, a

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Aantal erythema migrans per 100,000 inwoners in Nederland

Theragem highlight on tick bites and the after match

With news articles of studies and countries showing the steep rise in Lymes disease multiplying year by year and some countries even steeper than that, a thorough understanding of what the reactions are in the human bio terrain is the least what is expected from medical specialists and therapists. Many

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Academy for the Soul

Special interview on Assemblage Point

‘Unlocking the Heart’s Hidden Gateway to the Soul’ Please follow this link of an interview we did for Academy of the Soul  with an awesome offer for you personally. Academy of the Soul has developed a beautiful online program for the sparkling development of the soul with some amazing features.

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