Phenomena Gemcup, the latest Theragem Gemcup

The predecessors for the newest gemcup, the Seven Gem Rainbow Gemcup and the Nine Gem Ayurvedic Gemcup have step by step opened the way for the thirteen rays of light to come through. We named it Phenomena, because of its powerful sparkles of light and love for new beginnings, a stepping stone where the client can fill in positive outcome, no longer looking back on past tense in remorse.
In Theragem therapy, applied and combined with the frequencies, light, colour and precious metals, this irradiating gemcup will send healing, nourishing energy throughout all chakras, including mind, body, soul and to help cleanse, awaken and elevate towards the highest expression of inner and outer consciousness.
Uniquely and with each session the intent can be set to send out ripples of healing and unifying energy throughout Earth and the Cosmos. More than ever before, this gemcup is best experienced to be appreciated!

‘My first impression while enjoying the Phenomena gemcup was that I seem to a vast ball of light which felt warm, comfortable and very safe. Overnight I felt the iffy, negative and niggling parts of me had shifted into drops of rainbow light and had become joy! My most inner feelings of unrest and stress have changed to this joyous sensation and have been a constant ever since. Love it!’ JK – UK

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Theragem highlight on tick bites and the after match

With news articles of studies and countries showing the steep rise in Lymes disease multiplying year by year and some countries even steeper than that, a thorough understanding of what the reactions are in the human bio terrain is the least what is expected from medical specialists and therapists.
Many sites even the weather sites, like ACCU weather, show the increasing activities of ticks year round, which is a necessary thing so to raise the awareness of the public.
So what do you do as a therapist to help support your clients in each stage of this disease? On Friday June 29th we have invited to our evening seminar a Lyme expert to share his insights with his patients and how he successfully approached the multiple levels of how this condition deteriorated his patients, some who even were at the verge of dying.
Please be invited and join us, if you let us know by telephone or via email (see contact page), excellent. The more informed the better!


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Special interview on Assemblage Point

Unlocking the Heart’s Hidden Gateway to the Soul’

Please follow this link of an interview we did for Academy of the Soul  with an awesome offer for you personally. Academy of the Soul has developed a beautiful online program for the sparkling development of the soul with some amazing features. Hook up with them as they also do weekly radio shows with many healers, readers and many more for free, so have a look and listen! Replay from Thursday February 8th

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German introduction page

Please find your German Medica Health Introduction here – click the flag

Bitte lesen Sie hier uber Medica Health International und ihre noninvasive Producten in die Deutsche Sprache

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Asthma relieved; a new career

Maurita’s asthma story has been published before in Positive Life, and we felt it described so well how  rapid change can happen, let it inspire you!

Maurita Harling had suffered from asthma for 20 years and relied on both preventer and reliever (steroid) inhalers which kept her lungs constantly dilated. As her interest in complementary therapies grew, she took Selenium and Zinc followed by anti-oxidants which allowed her to come off her medication. However, when her work-related stress increased, bouts of asthma returned and she once again relied on increasingly strong medication. By September 2006 this was so strong that she decided to take early retirement from her job and concentrate on her career in holistic therapies.

In September 2007 she stopped medication altogether but by October she experienced tightening of her lungs on exertion and whilst asleep. Just as she was about to recommence medication Maurita heard about Crystal Light Therapy. She says: “I decided with my ‘holistic head’ it would be beneficial to try this treatment, particularly as I had trained in and explored the use of crystals in healing others.”

Initially, sapphire crystals with frequency, colour and light waves were beamed gently at Maurita’s temples, inducing a state of relaxation termed Elation. Then carnelian and diamonds were used over the spleen to energise and clean the blood. On the first two treatments, emeralds were used over the chest area to calm the lung tissues. On subsequent treatments this was substituted for carnelian and diamonds to energise the lungs. The strengths of the treatments were also increased slightly on later treatments.

Although initially Maurita did not feel any dramatic change, she realised over the next few weeks when she would tighten in her chest. This has caused her previously to become quite frightening and to reach for her reliever inhaler in alarm. Her attacks became less frequent and less intense. Eventually she was able to allow each attack to just go off of its own accord.

As time went on, Maurita found herself waiting for her chest to tighten after strenuous activity, but nothing happened. One cold, frosty day, as she carried her massage couch up some very steep steps in the sub-zero temperatures, Maurita realised to her surprise that she had no asthma.

She sums up: “The Theragem has certainly been instrumental in freeing me from asthma. Not only did I enjoy the gentle experience that kept my body drug-free, but, crucially, the treatment worked.”
Maurita H. 02/27/2008

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Therapist special – Joyce Stephenson

Our local therapist Joyce Stephenson is from Read, situated in the beautiful Ribble Valley.
Joyce is a holistic therapist qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki healing, NLP, Crystotherapy, Crystal Light Therapy (Theragem) and a Cuppa and a Chat Therapist.

“I have been on a lot of amazing workshops that keep adding to my tool box. However the Theragem is right by my side I use it with most of my therapies. I’ve had my Theragem for over seven years it was a very special gift from my Dad and Mum, I’m so blessed and very grateful. I charge my room before my clients come in with whatever Gemcup I’m drawn too. I charge my crystals with the lovely diamond & Carnelian when they need cleansing. I have amazing experiences when I take the Theragem to small Mind Body and Spirit gatherings. I give a free 10 minute Elation session and in that small window of time results have been incredible.

A Lady in her early 70s recently lost her husband and I could see the strain in her posture and her face. After her 10 mins she was glowing and said she felt very relaxed, floaty and comforted. A man in his late 30s had lost his father 7 months ago and started crying during his 10 mins, checking he was coping he smiled and said he felt his father was with him and couldn’t put in to words the comfort that it gave him. Another lady in her late 30s within the 10 mins had her Assemblage Point shifted. She didn’t know anything about the point but when she said she could see the grids surrounding her I showed her a diagram of the assemblage which she immediately agreed was what she visualised.

I offer full treatments with great results, but seeing the healing results in such a short space of time is heartwarming as a therapist.” If you would like more information contact us at info@medicahealth.org
Joyce Stephenson

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New Theragem Trainings 2016

Happy New Year to all!

We are excited to share with you new trainings 2016 that have been set in place for Medical Professionals, Therapists and health conscious consumers on all levels. Our latest one day Foundation Training is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed with Theragem Fusion Light therapy. A crystal clear introduction on precious gems and sparkling crystals; pure metals, enhanced colours, grounding Schuman Resonance, universal white noise and our own brain wave frequencies for optimum homeostasis in the shortest time possible!

To join us please email info@medicahealth.org for details.

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Therapist special – Jane Robson

Jane Robson became interested in complementary therapies after experiencing illness, such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma and repeated chest infections. These continued into her thirties. Growing up on steroidal creams, inhalers and antibiotics, Jane sometimes experienced side effects, which provided only temporary relief and did not address the root cause of the problem. Following this Jane became interested in other more gentle approaches to getting better.

When her mother became ill with leukemia Jane was even more motivated to explore root cause and possible healing of this, and dis-ease in general. One of the things that jumped out for Jane were crystals and it started with her giving her mother an amethyst crystal for deep relaxation and spirituality, which triggered her to learn about crystal healing. From there her journey brought her to Theragem Fusion Light therapy utilizing precious gems and crystals, which was just brought on the market and she discovered the positive effect on her own health related issues.

Today, Jane has no eczema, no asthma, almost no psoriasis and no longer gets chest infections. Her enthusiasm brought her to work for three years as a therapist at The Sanctuary of Healing in Lancashire, and she now runs her own Holistic practice called Lifelight Health.
Jane said: “I believe Theragem stands out from other therapies, in that it is non-invasive, which suits some patients who do not want physical contact. So it is comfortable in accessing the therapy. It is gentle and effective and achieves results in just a few sessions, depending on the condition presented.”

Accredited in Crystal Healing, Reiki, NLP, IEMT and Diamond Inguz Light Healing, Nutritional Healing studying A Course in Miracles, utilizes all her therapies, and focusing primarily on Theragem, to bring relief for mental, emotional or physical problems.

Jane is based Wilpshire, Lancashire. If you would like more information contact us at info@medicahealth.org
Jane Robson UK

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Catharina talks Theragem!

Click here to listen to the recording of Sundays Cancer patient forum.

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Vote for One Family Foundation!

We kindly ask you to vote for the One Family Foundation and support the Sefton Carers Centre, in providing alternative therapies to their patients to help achieve total health, well-being and better quality of life! Register here and show your valued support, thank you.
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