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Reshaping the realm of conscious wellness

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Zervana Holograms

Ancient geometry combined with cutting edge technology to create harmony in your biofield and enhance the quality of your everyday enviroment..

Reshaping the realm of conscious wellness

Electromagnetic pollution affects millions of people across the planet every day. Headaches, eyestrain, depression, night-time teeth grinding and restless sleep syndrome are just some of the many symptoms caused by routers, smart meters, WiFi and masts. Even more alarming, is the fact that the very cells in our bodies are being corrupted which inevitably leads to a whole host of health issues.

Many people just accept these symptoms without relating them to the source: EMF pollution. Our eyes cannot perceive the electromagnetic waves which emanate from our modern technology, and so we continue to suffer. However, there IS a solution.

Medica Health International is pioneering the way in which we counteract everyday EMF pollution in the home and office. The solution? Zervana holograms.

Combining ancient, tried and tested geometric tools with the very latest in revolutionary technology, these holograms effectively negate EMF pollution by protecting and reinforcing healthy, balanced brain waves resulting in better, deeper sleep patterns and clearer thinking. See your productivity and positivity increase as your Zervana package eradicates the stressful effects of EMF.

Zervana holograms couldn’t be easier to use! Each package comes with clear instructions showing you exactly how and where to place your holograms for optimum results. These mini-miracles are imprinted on high quality gold foil to enhance your state of clarity, tranquillity and wellbeing, creating a ‘Sacred Space in your Everyday Place’.

Finally, you can enjoy the benefits of modern-day technology whilst transmuting the unpleasant side effects of EMF.

Zervana Holograms lifestyle packages

Zervana Harmony Homeorder here

Package includes:

2 rooms (8.2-inch gold holograms each),

1 smart meter (1.2-inch gold holograms).

Zervana Mini Mobileorder here

Package includes:

One 2 inch and two 1 inch holograms for use with Apple, Motorola and Samsung mobile cell phones.

Zervana Mobile Officeorder here

Package includes:

1 laptop (9 1-inch gold holograms),

1 cell phone (2 1-inch gold holograms & 1 2-inch gold holograms),

1 car (8 1 inch gold holograms).

Zervana My Mediaorder here

Package includes:

2 TV’s (5 1-inch gold holograms),

1 computer (5 1-inch gold holograms),

1 cubicle space (8 2-inch gold holograms)

Zervana My Officeorder here

Pakage includes:

1 monitor (5 1-inch gold holograms),

1 computer (5 1-inch gold holograms),

1 cubicle space (8 2-inch gold holograms).

Zervana Sacred Spaceorder here

Package includes:

1 room (8 2-inch gold holograms),

1 bed frame (4 1-inch gold holograms).

Finally a long lasting home-based solution to promote your body’s natural restorative abilities against calcification, pathogens and stress related conditions with deep cellular  hydration

Based on ancient wisdom – from intent to sacred geometry – to modern day science, Zervana’s engineers have put together a product to generate a beneficial waveform which is gently received by your body’s energetic biofield. Varuna holograms are dishwasher proof and for optimum use we recommend using glass bottles.

Varunaorder here

Package includes:

4 large 2-inch Varuna holograms

4 small 1-inch Varuna holograms


Before applying the holograms permanently, we advise using double-sided tape/blue tack on the backing paper to apply them for a short period of time, to ensure the hologram location is right for you. Once applied the holograms are permanently stuck to their position.

Medica Health international cannot be held responsible for improper use or damage.

Medica Health International Ltd produce high quality products made in the UK
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