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Stress & Immune System Impact

Stress & Immune System Impact

We are currently living in challenging times.

Faced with the worry of a deadly epidemic sweeping the globe, economic uncertainty, difficult personal and professional decisions to make and increasing restrictions on our freedom.

Inevitably, the social distancing and self-isolation measures put in place to protect us, will affect us all.

During this period, the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy immune system will be paramount to our overall health and wellbeing.

Most of us are aware that to protect our immune systems we need to eat a balanced and varied diet, maintain good hygiene practices – both personally and for our environments, take regular exercise and get plenty of sleep.

In following these habits, we give ourselves a good chance of fighting off disease and infection.

But what about our emotional, mental and spiritual health? How can our immunity be impacted by these factors?

Human beings are social creatures.

We are primed, from birth, to respond to the touch of our Mother and every fibre of our being is optimised towards communication and cooperation with other humans.

Loving Social Bonds Improves Mental Health in Children

Babies have a deep genetic predisposition to bond with a loving parent and those who are denied the opportunity can go on to develop numerous issues in adulthood (Teicher, 2000, p.67) including reduced growth in the left hemisphere which may lead to an increased risk of depression and disease, plus increased sensitivity in the limbic system which can lead to anxiety disorders.

Isolation Among Adults Contributes To Poor Health

Even in fully developed adults, there are many studies which demonstrate the profound negative effects on physical and mental health in the face of solitude and isolation and some studies attest to a correlation between negative emotions such as loneliness and a compromised immune system.

We crave human society and companionship and so having to practice self-isolation and social distancing during the epidemic will undoubtedly impact on our emotional and mental health, thus taking its toll on our immunity.

So how do i keep my mind, spirit and body healthy during isoloation?

Yes, we can keep our physical bodies healthy, but how do we maintain our spiritual, mental and emotional health?

Schachter (1959) argues that ‘People who face a distressing situation not only receive support, sympathy, compassion, and nurturance from others, but often the mere presence of other people can reduce fear or stress’.

Thankfully, many of us are lucky enough to have family members who we live with, people we can talk to, laugh with, eat with, and these basic interactions will be vitally important in the coming weeks and months.

People who live alone face a different set of challenges

Keeping the body healthy and the mind occupied is essential for overall health, but it’s also important to maintain, as far as we are able, friendships, relationships and familial bonds.

Send isolated loved ones a message

If you know a friend, colleague or loved one lives alone, check in with them regularly.

A phone call, a text message, an email, even just sharing how your day went and asking how they are can make all the difference.

Let them know they are not abandoned. Let them know that they are cared for and loved.

Take this time to get back in touch with yourself

Try to take these temporary restrictions as the perfect opportunity to set your creativity and imagination free.

Listen to what your senses tell you, reflect and reconnect with your core essence.

Use this precious time to take stock and recharge your batteries. We will all come out of this situation stronger than before.

The benefits of meditation

This is where meditation gives us our focus, our hearts awareness, and can be done by simply listening to your breath in a regulated rhythm: four counts in and four counts out.

The benefits will cascade through the physical, emotional, mental levels – connecting you with who you truly are.

Giving and receiving love and humanity can and will have a positive impact on our immune systems.

Whilst it’s important to take care of our physical bodies, it is ultimately the human connection which will see us defeat this threat to our health and ultimately, our existence.

A note to our therapists

If you are in isolation or having to socially distance yourself, wherever you are in the world, we recommend using the following protocols and gemcups to boost your immunity:

  • Use the Ayurvedic Sapphires Gemcup on Balancing over the crown as in Elation, followed by a Spleen session with the Diamond & Carnelian Gemcup on an Energizing setting.
  • If anxiety is experienced, no matter what the cause, the Amethyst Gemcup is called for as it helps to reconnect on a Soul level induces a state of relaxation that is so deep that the person regains spiritual balance.
  • With the fresh, clean season of Spring upon us, now is a good time to detox (instead of eating our frustration away via the cookie jar) with the Ground & Heal Gemcup aiding in the detoxification process. Filled with Tourmaline which has far infra-red rays, it can non-invasively penetrate deep into the skin helping the lymphatics and the blood stream out of the sedentary state of congestion.
  • And advice for everyone: this period is temporary and will pass – ask yourself, how do I want my new life to look after this? Focus your intent and energy on visualising your bright and sparkling future!

Our staff continue to be at your disposal should you have any questions about our wellness product range.

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