Emerald Healing Properties – A Crystal Healing Guide




The Emerald is one of the world’s most precious gemstones and is instantly recognisable by its beautiful deep green hue. The stone has been mined in many areas of the globe for thousands of years, but in recent times, Brazil, Zambia and Columbia have been the locations where the majority of Emerald mining is conducted. Columbia, in particular, is where the finest examples of the gem can be found. Other locations known to contain Emeralds include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, and the USA.

A short history of Emerald gemstones

The name ‘Emerald’ stems from the Greek word meaning ‘green gem’. It is also known as the stone of ongoing love and success. First records about the use of Emeralds dates back further than 5000 years, where the stone was hailed for its spiritual properties and symbolism of the gods. The gem was used as a defence against spells and the dark arts throughout early periods. Warding away evil spirits was a key reason many people wore Emeralds, but the stone was also regarded for its beauty, so much so that many kings, queens, and leaders used the gem when adorning themselves in jewellery.

In fact, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is known to have been a great admirer of the stone. Egyptian Emerald mines discovered within the past century have uncovered much about how the area near the Red Sea was once a hotbed of precious Emeralds, which signified eternal youth, prosperity, and had alleged healing properties. Vedic astrology demonstrates how the power and impact of the planet Mercury can be enhanced by the use of the Emerald stone. Communication and mental perception may be improved for numerous star signs. Other civilisations, such as the Incas and Babylonians, are also believed to have held the stone in particularly high regard.

Health Benefits: An Application with Crystal Light Therapy

Emerald crystals have been used throughout history for their alleged healing properties. The gem is said to emit a green ray of energy and stimulate the heart chakra, bringing both emotional and physical benefits and assisting with mental health. The stone promotes truth, balance and harmony, leading to greater positivity and clearer thought processes. It is this reason why many use Emerald to improve their life prospects, or to help maintain stability and clarity of vision when undergoing stress and turbulent times.

Treating heart and lung disorders

The stone is renowned for its alleged ability to treat a variety of health conditions, especially concerning the heart and lungs. The gem can assist with detoxification and the treatment of infections. Those with allergies may find Emerald beneficial, especially people who often suffer from headaches and sinusitis. An Emerald eye bath is said to restore eyesight and treat poor vision. People with nervous conditions may benefit from Emerald’s soothing energy rays. The healing properties of the stone are also useful for many other conditions, such as (but not limited to): irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, stomach ulcers, and asthma.

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