Everything You Need to Know about the Healing Properties of Ruby

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When it comes to the healing powers of gemstones and crystals, Ruby is always the first stone that comes to mind. However, the healing properties of Ruby are actually very wide reaching.

Here is everything you need to know about the meaning behind Ruby, and its special healing properties.

What is the meaning behind Ruby?

Rubies are very precious stones, and are the birthstone for the month of July. The word ‘Ruby’ actually comes from the Latin word ‘ruber’, which means red. Despite this, Rubies can come in a wide range of colours from deep red to light pink. If a Ruby has been heat treated, more of a pink colour will come through the stone.

For many centuries Ruby has been favoured by royalty, most likely because many civilisations believed Ruby to be more precious than Diamond, and it was often used to signify nobility and royalty.

What are the different variations of Ruby?

Burmese – known for its exceptional red colour.
Pigeon’s Blood – known for its deep blood-like red colour with a tint of blue.
Ruby Fuschite – known to be a dark red ruby combined with a green Fuchsite.
Ruby Zoisite – known as a combination of Ruby and green Zoisite.

What are the healing properties of Ruby?

The many properties of Ruby are known to have strong positive impacts on your life. The crystal is often linked to passion, protection and prosperity, and is also believed to outwardly radiate positive energies and enthusiasm.

Here are the numerous healing properties of Ruby;

● Recharges your energy levels to keep you at a higher frequency.
● Stimulates the mind to think more positively and be self-assured.
● Increases desires and sexual energy. As well as initiating the sensual pleasures of life.
● Encourages you to embrace all of life’s experiences and to be fearless.
● Dispels negative energies, by protecting you from individuals who wish to take away your positive energies.
● Promotes self love, encouraging to give love to the world which can positively impact your life.
● Encourages one to appreciate the joys of the world by stimulating the heart.

What are the day-to-day uses of Ruby?

There are many ways that you can use Ruby to benefit your life. Ruby is a stone of passion, and is also known to stimulate the mind and promote clear thinking, and increased intellect, motivation and concentration. Due to this, wearing Ruby is an excellent choice for those who are working on big projects at work or at school. Plus, its vibrant and fiery colour will undoubtedly put you in a positive mood, and create a feeling of power and confidence.

For positive results, use the crystal daily or weekly by holding the stone or piece of jewellry in the palm of your hands and setting your intentions and goals.

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