Is Addressing Physical Symptoms the First Step to Healing?


Is addressing physical symptoms the first step to healing? No! Learn why here…

Whilst talking with a group of doctors recently, an interesting question came up:

How do we determine the use of Theragem Fusion Light Therapy with the precise approach of protocols and user settings for particular conditions, especially when there are unstable actions in the mitochondrion and deep in the cell’s metabolism?

These medical professionals referred to their use of products emitting specific frequencies of the light spectrum, like red light therapy, which can be used to treat a number of upper dermis layers.

To use an analogy, if we move house, we make a conscious decision to make changes to the house of our choice. Most people will enthusiastically clean and paint the walls, have a new carpet fitted and hang new curtains. It makes perfect sense to prepare your new terrain, yet in both conventional and holistic medicine, when a person suffers from a painful physical condition, this cleaning and preparing process is often overlooked. The use of a drug or medication is usually employed without consideration of the cleaning and clearing of the biological terrain.

Years of research and feedback from experienced practitioners shows us that the best results lie in preparing the human biological terrain, utilising our most famed protocols, Elation and Spleen. Elation occurs through the gentle relaxation of the brain, of which the connection with the gut and liver are well known. Once the left and right brain are harmoniously balanced, the secretion of chemicals and hormones will cascade through to the rest of the body creating an optimum reservoir of energy and allowing deep, penetrative healing to occur.

The next step is to focus on the spleen. The importance of the spleen is often overlooked in modern medicine, but this amazing organ is responsible for filtering the blood, relieving it of dangerous toxins.

With these organs in optimum homeostasis, we can then focus on the symptoms, calming pain and dissolving trauma with a carefully chosen protocol. Sometimes the direction is straightforward, other times the Yin & Yang symbol can help to guide, giving strong indicators to the choice of gemcup, frequency, colours, duration and intensity. If precision and science is preferred, the renowned HeartQuest Device – Heart Rate Variability Monitor is clear about which procedure to follow. The results speak for themselves as positive changes happen during the session or later overnight.

The big advantage of Theragem Fusion Light therapy is that it thoroughly prepares the human bio-terrain, so that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels can respond to the treatment given in the most optimum way and in a timely manner.

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