Join us for a 5 day Theragem retreat in Tenerife this May!


This Spring, 20 to 25 of May 2019 sees the first ever Theragem Retreat on the beautiful sunny island of Tenerife on the Canary Islands. We found this wonderful perfect hideaway of a gem that is ideal for our Theragem retreat, lots of beautiful open space, delicious, organic mostly vegetarian food, experienced team and the timing could not be better!

With our world imminently in a state of turmoil, it is up to therapists and medical professionals, as living gateways, to help and support people back to health and wellness on all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. With Theragem’s standard programs and protocols we set up the biological terrain as the first steps to achieve this state of balance.
The next step is to ensure that we now develop further, clearing, cleansing, dissolving and resolving of unresolved negative emotions, as well as addressing the deeper lying miasmas responsible for our current status quo.

In other words, as we become sparkles of fun which comes after the work, it is than that we have access to the innate energy that helps us support our clients just that bit extra in their healing journey!


Feeling this call and want to join in? Than click here for the Brochure and prices, how to register and how to book your place now!

See you there!

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