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High Quality Products

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Find our collection of health and wellness products below, and discover how Medica Health International Ltd can lead you on your journey to better health.

The complete therapists package to wellness and wellbeing

Here you will find a full package either on its own or in use with your present modalities to take your practice to the next stage by creating a place where clients come to deeply relax, reboost their energy levels, relieve their pain undeniable and get to the highest levels of homeostasis. Session after session!

Our motto ‘A Happy Mind in a Happy Body’!

When clients come to you they want to see changes taking place, measurable and undeniable, which is where the HeartQuest comes in. The heart rate variability monitor non-invasively monitors your clients state, in just 5 minutes. Exciting for both therapist and client, the images and understanding is easy and functional.

Starting with 20 minute sessions, Theragem prepares the biological terrain with Elation and Spleen therapy, followed by pain relieve or symptom approach. This is followed by the Assemblage Point Reconnection for a deep connection to enhance the wellness levels.

Applying the Theragem sessions will see positive changes in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. By adding the Assemblage Point Reconnection process, you can access the conscious and other than conscious Mind, reconnecting them with the Higher Self and bringing a new dimension to healing. The resolving of old trauma’s ultimately gains pace in body, mind and soul, as shown in our world wide testimonials.

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