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Heart Quest – Heart Rate Variability Monitor

Medical professionals have always understood the significance of maintaining a healthy heart. However, it is only in the last few years that we have discovered the heartbeat itself is less important than the heart’s relaxed state in-between beats.

Simple to Use with a Range of Therapeutic Applications

The Heart Quest – Heart Rate Variability device is the perfect time-effective tool to monitor and analyse your heart’s beating patterns within just 300 heartbeats.

Heart Quest is, quite simply, the best heart monitoring software available on the market. For our many years in the industry, Medica Health International Ltd has strived to promote only the best and most useful tools to help medical and therapeutic practitioners treat their clients with the most efficient protocols based on reliable evidence.

The Heart Quest – Heart Rate Variability device is a widely recognised and accepted heart monitoring tool that will produce a range of accurate readings and measurements in as little as five minutes, including electrocardiogram results, metabolism, brainwave patterns, breathing patterns, neuro-hormonal regulations, psychological and emotional condition, meridian energies and so much more.

The most user-friendly diagnostic tool available today, your staff can be trained with the device in almost no time at all. Following an initial consultation with each new client, your assisting staff will then be able to take over subsequent appointments, giving you the time to impact and benefit dozens more people, and get them the therapeutic care they need. Working in harmony with Medica Health International Ltd’s therapeutic treatments, Heart Quest is a time-effective diagnostic device that allows for more accurate targeting and results. It is truly the best tool for the job, able to quickly gauge heart relaxation levels and offer in-depth medical data to better assist Theragem practitioners and heighten the efficiency and efficacy of their therapies.

Evolving HRV Science

Using the advanced HRV makes it is easy to interpret how well a subject is able to adapt to stress and manage his or her metabolic energy. What makes advanced HRV unique is the ability to see when the ABCD parameters and Vital Force are working within the natural laws of nature. It is when measurements are outside of this zone that systems break down and we lose our compensatory resilience.

HeartQuest brings the following key markers for reliable follow up in the treatments:

ANS, LH, HF, VLF, neuro-hormonal regulation, metabolism regulation, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, psycho emotional state, spectrum of brain activity, ICP, Brain toxin, biorhythm coherence, gerontological performance, dynamics of functional state, spectral mineral- hormonal ratio, and most recently reliability survey and view of parameters for ease of printing for specialist.

It is with these key markers you can easily see if your patient is stuck in flight or fight which is sympathetic nervous system activity with very low parasympathetic nervous system activity. If a patient stays in this pattern, we know there is going to be endocrine disruption, immune, digestive and cognitive problems. Treatment in this case may be to bring up parasympathetic nervous system activity since this is where healing and regeneration takes place.

Practical applications for client support are improving breathing patterns, music, dietary and essential oil advice based on Ayurvedic traditions. The most motivational factor for clients being their biological age seeing it improve with each visit!

Seeing is believing, so for a short video introduction and plus use of how Theragem Fusion Light Therapy comes out of tests done by the developers of this internationally recognized HRV tool click here.

Heart Quest - Heart Rate Variability Device

Every purchase of the Heart Quest – Heart Rate Variability Device contains:

  • ECG module Model Din 7x
  • Software CD (including in depth user manual)
  • Durable Cardiographic electrodes
  • Interface USB cable
  • Medical storage bag

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Explained

Heart rate variability (HRV) is simply a study of the phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. It’s measured by monitoring variation in the beat-to-beat interval.

What is a good HRV score?

Your heart isn’t a metronome and a healthy heartbeat has healthy variations.

The right bracket for your HRV score is dependent on your age and gender. The values are affected by psychological, physical and environmental factors. A higher HRV score generally indicates better health, greater aerobic fitness and a younger biological age.

Is low HRV dangerous?

If your HRV values are lower than the typical range for your age and gender demographic, this could indicate an underlying health issue that should be addressed.

Studies monitoring HRV of individuals suffering heart attacks suggest that people with depression might have a lower chance of recovery.

Do Garmin and Fitbit track HRV?

Most armbands, wristwatches and heart tracking devices were designed with heart rate only in mind; they cannot be relied upon to accurately measure beat-to-beat intervals and produce reliable results on an individuals HRV. Professional HRV monitoring equipment such as the Heart Quest is highly specialised and requires the patient to be still.

How is HRV measured?

HRV is measured by monitoring the intervals between your heart beats over a period of time. The Heart Quest HRV monitor uses indicative parameters to provide useful, reliable information on overall heart health. This can help determine therapeutic measures that can be taken to improve health and wellbeing.

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