Theragem Encoder

enhance any liquid with the theragem encoder

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High Quality Products

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Theragem Encoder

We all like to take good care of our health and wellbeing, but it’s so difficult to find a solution that is quick, simple and easy enough to introduce into your daily routine. That’s why Medica Health International Ltd developed the Theragem Encoder.

Non-contact, Non-invasive therapy

This state-of-the-art device works in combination with your body’s electromagnetic frequencies, rejuvenating and invigorating your skin and hair with the healthy shine that they deserve.
The Encoder will enhance any fluid, such as oils, creams and water, encoding them with the energy and power of your selected Gemcup. The advanced touch screen system enables you to easily use a range of frequencies in combination with light, colour, precious metal and crystalline energies, utilising the natural vibrations of gemstones.

Using one of the device’s four portals, you can run four different therapies at the same time. As well as saving time, this means you can use the Encoder to enable combination therapy with other Theragem treatments. The system is even portable, so it can always go where you do.

The Theragem Encoder delivers a fusion of several scientifically proven stand alone technologies including full-spectrum, polychromatic, incoherent light technology, pulsed electromagnetic field technology (running Alpha, Delta, Beta, and Theta patterns), colour therapy and Schumann resonance technology.

The Encoder’s light source works within the 480-780 nanometre range, as close as possible to the wellness zone at 670nm, known as such because of the way it harmonises with the body’s natural frequencies, restoring it back to health.

N1001 Theragem Encoder is supplied with the following

1 x Encoder Control Unit, with Touch screen
1 x E1002 Encoder Gemcup Holder – Small : 9 cm, full diameter (inside 7 cm)
1 x E1002 Encoder Gemcup Holder – Large: 12 cm bottle, full diameter (inside 9,5 cm)
1 x Power Supply Unit

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