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For years, people have been looking for a way to bring electromagnetic field therapy into the home. However, lack of space, time and resources always meant that this was impossible for most. But now thanks to Medica Health International Ltd and SunRiseSunSet, almost anyone can take advantage of EMF technology without even leaving the house.

A Relaxing Therapy that Works Around You

There are many different electromagnetic field therapy devices available on the market, but all of them require a huge amount of time and space to set up. Not only does the SunRiseSunSet SR-100 avoid this completely, it revolutionises PEMF therapy for the better.

The SunRiseSunSet SR-100 is the relaxing, unique and calming solution that you have been looking for. This therapeutic system uses digital processing and coil technology to produce a magnetic field, effectively delivering a range of pulsed frequencies directly to the body at a cellular level, to boost vitality and circulation.

For deeper sleeping, waking up fully energized!

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With the SunRiseSunSet SR-100, you can feel the benefits of PEMF therapy while you sleep to help improve your blood circulation, speed up the repair of bones and tissue, reduce inflammation, enhance the nervous system and help you enjoy deep, relaxed sleep. The SR-100’s therapy blanket is so discreet, you won’t even notice it underneath your bed sheet. Simply plug the device into the accompanying digital control unit and set you chosen EMF programme. It really is that simple.

The SunRiseSunSet SR-100 is designed to work around your busy lifestyle, not the other way round. Rather than having to visit a specialist centre or set up a complex EMF machine every time you need treatment, simply get into bed and press a single button on your SR-100 digital control unit, immediately activating a 20-minute session of relaxing electromagnetic therapy.

Many alternative therapists have seen the undeniable benefit as people get faster longer lasting results when using PEMF system in their home.

Technical Specifications

Type – Magnetic therapy with Quad Heterogeneous Field
Mat size – 170x70cm
Mat finish – Hypo allergenic
Power supply – 19v 60VA Switch mode. Fully isolated
Class 2 100-240v 50/60Hz. T130C
Maximum power input – 12VA
Display – Custom LCD with additional LED indicators
Timing – Quartz crystal with real time clock and alarm function
Built to – Class 2A ISO13485 Certification

SunriseSunset PEMF

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