What is EMF Therapy?

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Electromagnetic field therapy is a type of healing therapy for the body, which produces a magnetic field using a sophisticated computer processor and accompanying coils, effectively delivering a range of pulsed frequencies to the body at a cellular level and boosting reparation, vitality, cell metabolism and circulation.

As we know, everything that makes up us, the Earth and even the universe is composed of electromagnetic energy, which means that every atom, molecule, chemical and sell produces an electromagnetic field. Disruption of this energy can cause problems on a cellular level, which can only be addressed by EMF therapy.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields are able to deeply penetrate the body in a non-invasive and pain-free way, stimulating the electrical energy in the body.

How does PEMF work?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works by targeting cells, tissues, organs and even bones in the body, to improve circulation and cell metabolism. Working at the cellular level, PEMF restores the positive and negative charges in the cell, speeding tissue recovery to relieve pain, improve circulation and many more applications.

What does PEMF treat?

PEMF therapy treatment can be used to help repair damaged cells in your body. This may reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, balance the immune system, repair tissue or improve your sleep quality.

What is a PEMF device?

A PEMF device is a holistic wellness technology, used to restore the cells ability to function efficiently. They use different, precise frequencies to target specific tissue types, pulsing electromagnetic waves onto the body.

Is electromagnetic therapy effective?

The health and wellbeing benefits have been scientifically proven in thousands of small, medium and large-scale clinical trials all over the world. Medica Health have a selection of scientific articles relating to treatment with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields available, so you can rest assured you are receiving effective therapy.

What is the difference between tens and PEMF?

Although PEMF and TENS is considered to be closely related, where they are different is with the mechanism by which they achieve their therapeutic benefits. Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy is a treatment that relies on electromagnetic fields targeted at cells, whilst Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy uses a low-voltage electrical current to stimulate the nerves.