T1004 TigerGem

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High Quality Products

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High Quality Products

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T1004 TigerGem

There are a variety of external factors that can affect a man’s libido. Stress, fatigue or personal problems are all very common, needing simple solutions. That’s where the TigerGem comes in. During and after just one session, you’ll begin to see a difference, not only to your libido, but to your stamina, size, potency and even firmness.

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Discreet, Compact and Easy to Use

Using a unique combination of modern-day technologies and the healing properties of crystals, TigerGem helps you to relax and quickly moves your blood flow to where it counts for those important, romantic moments. Our unique gem blend is comprised of four crystals that work together to enhance the experience for you and your partner. Ruby & Carnelian stimulates the blood flow, Red Jasper prolongs your arousal and pleasure, Smokey Quartz helps to ease any outstanding tension and stress, and Diamond strengthens and enhances the entire formula, bringing it all together.

Using the TigerGem couldn’t be easier! Simply place it directly onto your skin near the desired area and with the press of a single button, activate one of the TigerGem’s therapeutic sessions. In as little as 20 minutes you will feel the difference to more than just your body; get ready to discover the new you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

TigerGem is the ultimate way to give you a happy body and a happy mind. The combination of conventional medicine and ancient wisdom that has proven itself over time has created a truly unique product that will find the virile energy that has always been within you. The TigerGem is supplied with:

  • TigerGem Unit
  • Internal Battery
  • Charging cable
  • Multilingual user guide

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Medica Health International Ltd produce high quality products made in the UK
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