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Theragem T1005 Clinique

The Theragem T1005 Clinique is the perfect fusion of digital touch screen technology and ancient wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Using naturally occurring wave frequency, colour, light and crystalline energies, your clients will benefit from homoeostasis on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Our top of the range configuration, offering 13 of the most popular Gemcups in our range, the Ultimate configuration is designed for the therapist who wants true freedom to help and assist clients no matter what their condition is.

  • 2 x Colour Touch Screen Control Lighthead Unit
  • 2 x Matching Stand with Clinique Adaptor
  • 2 x Power Supply Unit (Class 2A)
  • 2 x Sapphire Gemcups
  • 2 x Diamond & Carnelian Gemcups
  • 2 x Emerald Gemcups
  • 2 x Rose Quartz Gemcups
  • 2 x Moonstone Gemcups
  • 2 x Ruby Gemcups
  • 1 x Citrine Gemcup

The Clinique Dynamic is our most popular configuration, coming as standard with over 200 carats of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The Dynamic gives you the flexibility to successfully handle most of the conditions and imbalances your clients will be suffering from.

  • 2 x Colour Touch Screen Lighthead Control Unit
  • 2 x Matching Stand with Clinique Adaptor
  • 2 x Power Supply Unit (Class 2A)
  • 2 x Sapphire Gemcups
  • 2 x Diamond & Carnelian Gemcups
  • 2 x Emerald Gemcups
  • 1 x Ruby Gemcup

Designed for therapists with a smaller clinic, or who have just discovered the wonders of Crystal Light Therapy, the Active configuration is fantastic for creating a positive therapeutic impact on your practice.

  • 1 x Colour Touch Screen Lighthead Control Unit
  • 1 x Matching Stand with Clinique Adaptor
  • 1 x Power Supply Unit (Class 2A)
  • 1 x Sapphire Gemcup
  • 1 x Diamond & Carnelian Gemcup
  • 1 x Emerald Gemcup

Recommended by medical professionals

A natural evolution of our T1002 Professional system, we compiled five years of research and feedback from our happy clients around the world to create the most technologically advanced Theragem device to date. We know that time is precious–that’s why the ability to reduce the number of therapy sessions is so valuable. The T1005 Clinique has received positive feedback around the globe and record numbers of people now request it from their therapists because it delivers consistent, positive results time and time again, effectively improving clients’ vitality and wellness. The system offers a range of therapy software options, as well as the ability to combine it with Theragem Beauty and Wellness Gemcups.

Each Theragem T1005 Clinique system comes with simple instructions so you can get started straight away. It’s so simple to use, as well as being fully handheld, for a relaxing, uninterrupted session. As lead practitioner, you can carry out the client’s initial consultation, and your staff will then be able to follow the set protocol for future sessions–it really is that easy! The T1005 Clinique is the most unique therapy tool available; it provides the wellness and balance to your clients on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level, and allows you to help more people than ever before with its simple, time-effective functionality. The system is available in three distinct packages depending on your clinic’s needs:

Technical Specifications

Dimensions when assembled: W57, H78-120, D50 cm. Weight: 3.8kg (includes cradle and light head units). Operates from a 9V power pack or internal battery for short sessions. Power pack operates from 100-230VAC +/- 10%. Can be supplied with region specific input cable. Light heads and cups: 1W LED light life expectancy: 50,000-100,000 hours.

Theragem is CE certified, EU certified and medical grade apparatus conforms with Council Directives 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC by the application of BS EN 60601-1-2, EN 61000-6-2 and EN 60950-1 For the USA- FDA Registered under 510K

For prices and offers please enquire directly with Medica Health sales team or with your local sales point. Theragem range of therapy products have no prices mentioned due to regulations pertaining to medical classed device.

The Multi-Frequency Generator function enables practitioners to use Theragem fusion therapy with a simultaneous hammer and sweep action and over 700 pre-programmed suggestions based on the internationally recognised CAFL frequency listing, as well as being manually programmable for those therapists who require total flexibility.

Rather than deliver a constant frequency during MFG therapy, to which some rogue cells, parasites, bacteria and viruses can become quickly immune, our expert engineers developed a randomised hammering action for all MFG protocols over 1,000Hz, giving a similar effect to undesired invaders as a pneumatic drill breaking up a road surface. On all programs less than 1,000Hz, the T1005 Clinique uses the base frequency to modulate a Pseudo White Noise signal source, creating the required the randomised variation. However, to counteract the risk of these organisms mutating and not responding as a result of being threatened, the MFG functionality uses simultaneous sweep technology to continuously sweep 2Hz above and below a particular frequency during the therapy.

The Bala Blue Light software is a powerful combination of frequencies that successfully addresses precursor trace driver elements seen in the onset of cancer.

In order for rogue cancer cells to become dominant and spread through the body, the immune system needs to be in a state of high suppression, which can be as a result of a range of negative factors on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Blood tests, biopsies and post-mortems in cancer patients have shown a distinct pattern of potential trace driver conditions showing in the test results. The Theragem T1005 Clinique BBL software option, with its unique, vigorous hammer and sweep action, delivers a frequency to the body that eliminates these trace driver conditions from the body. It has been designed to support clients undergoing traditional and integrative cancer care and may be considered as a preventative tool to eradicate build-up of these trace driver conditions.

The Divinity software is a series of frequencies that according to research of well known German and American experts, are aiming to lower and calm the over-reactive bodies perceptory systems. Each organ has an optimum wellness factor through which wellness and health is supported to the highest level with multiple ripple effects.

In our empirical research it can be deduced this setting to show a slowing down of ADHD, and ADD conditions with as added benefit a deeper and more restful sleep.

In order for the body to protect itself against the different types of influenza the immune system has to be compromised. The Rapid Response is a program that aims just to that, to help against the onset of colds, flu conditions.

The Beauty Gemcups have shown sparkling success to enhance natural youthful appearance and skin with the Eternity software, one of the safest and fastest ways to achieve younger, more radiant looking skin and enhanced well-being.

The Eternity Crystal Light Therapy configuration required Medica Health International Ltd to combine modern techniques with the well-documented ancient wisdom and science of the early Egyptians, Chinese and the Greeks. The result is therapy utilising colour and gemstones mined around the world, in tandem with LED pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to target the specific areas the client requires.

The Eternity software option for the T1005 Clinique is the most simplified system with three click features, enabling you to choose an Eternity Gemcup click it in the Theragem unit, press on the Gemcup name in the Eternity program, press Start!

Quite simply, it harnesses the Earth’s natural elements to create a younger, more vibrant you in a completely non-invasive way! In a single 20-minute session, you could begin to see a whole host of positive differences, such as:·

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Firmer, toned skin

Increased production of collagen

Reduced stress

An enhanced sense of wellbeing

Increased energy and vitality

Several Eternity packages are available depending on the needs of your clinic and your clients.

The Theragem Eternity Ultimate comes with the following carefully chosen Gemcup mixes, each one containing over 30 carats of precious and semi-precious gems and crystals for an optimum enhancing of skin tonality:

2 x E1001 Tranquility Gemcup

2 x E1002 Rejuvenate Gemcup

2 x E1003 Soothe Gemcup

2 x E1004 Invigorate Gemcup

1 x E1005 Radiance Gemcup

2 x E1006 Cell-U-Ease Gemcup

2 x E1007 Body Silk Gemcup

Theragem Eternity Dynamic is accompanied with seven standard Gemcup mixes containing over 30 carats of precious and semi precious gems and crystals, this optimized selection allows the user to non-non-invasive work from the inside out, showing the clients true natural beauty:

2 x E1001 Tranquility Gemcup

2 x E1002 Rejuvenate Gemcup

2 x E1003 Soothe Gemcup

1 x E1004 Invigorate Gemcup

Theragem Eternity Active comes together with three powerful radiant over 30 carats containing of precious and semi precious gems and crystals:

1 x E1001 Tranquility Gemcup

1 x E1002 Rejuvenate Gemcup

1 x E1003 Soothe Gemcup

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