Phenomena Gemcup, the new Theragem Gemcup

Theragem - Phenomena Gemcup

The predecessors for the newest gemcup, the Seven Gem Rainbow Gemcup and the Nine Gem Ayurvedic Gemcup have step by step opened the way for the thirteen rays of light to come through. We call it Phenomena, because of its powerful sparkles of light and love for new beginnings, a stepping stone where the client fills in the positive outcome, no longer looking back on past tense in remorse.
In Theragem therapy, applied and combined with the frequencies, light, colour and precious metals, this irradiating gemcup sends healing, nourishing energy throughout all chakras, including mind, body, soul. Wonderful gemcup used to help cleanse, awaken and elevate towards the highest expression of inner and outer consciousness.
Uniquely and with each session the intent is set to send out ripples of healing and unifying energy throughout Earth and the Cosmos. More than ever before, this gemcup is best experienced to be appreciated!

Theragem Phenomena gemcup

‘My first impression while enjoying the Phenomena gemcup was that I seem to a vast ball of light which felt warm, comfortable and very safe. Overnight I felt the iffy, negative and niggling parts of me had shifted into drops of rainbow light and had become joy! My most inner feelings of unrest and stress have changed to this joyous sensation and have been a constant ever since. Love it!’ JK – UK

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