Sapphire Healing Properties – A Crystal Healing Guide

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Sapphire Healing Properties

A precious blue stone, sapphires are used to symbolise good fortune, wisdom, faithfulness and virtue, but there’s an interesting history and spiritual connection behind the dazzling blue stone. Around since 800bc, they almost magical gemstones have long believed to carry spiritual and healing properties, bringers wearers good luck, protection and faith.

The crystal healing properties of sapphires are spiritual, physical and mental, giving wearers protection from impure thoughts and promoting a healthy spirit in line with that of the heavens while helping to ease physical and mental ailments such as gastric ulcers, arthritis and depression.

Sapphire Properties

Origin Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia
Mineral Group Oxides
Mineral Class Corundum
Chemical Formula Al2O3
Hardness 9
Crystal System Hexagonal
Luster Vitreous to Adamantine
Colour Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Colourless
Typical Appearance Fuchsite

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Sapphire?

Back in the days before Google, cars and any of our modern-day luxuries, sapphires were held in the highest regard by kings, nobles and spiritual healers alike. Thought to be a symbol of the heavens, sapphires have been worn for centuries to ward off evil thoughts, increase luck and even ward off witchcraft.

What Do Sapphires Symbolise?

The sapphire stone energy that many people in the distant past believed sapphires to have symbolised a wide selection of things. From the purity of romantic love to the heavenly faith of religion. People believed it to symbolise innocence, beauty and inner peace and some wore it as protection or to ward off or even improve illnesses.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Blue Sapphire?

The regal blue sapphire is a charm like no other. Alongside the purity and heavenly beauty it symbolises, it’s a shining example of grace and class.

Wearers of the blue sapphire may be able to look forward to bouts of good luck, protection while travelling, warding off evil or impure thoughts and forces, and the courage and inner peace to find strength through life.

Blue sapphire has specific associations with the brow Chakra and is known to help with mental clarity and depression.

As well as the properties, the benefits of owning or wearing a blue sapphire extend to that of physical beauty. The shining blue stone is a captivating gem, attracting attention and accentuating almost any skin tone and colour. Blue sapphires become incredibly popular after Prince Charles presented one to Princess Diana as a symbol of the purity of her heart, and their love.

What Is So Special About Sapphire?

There are plenty of things that make the sapphire so special. The sapphire crystal properties imbued within the gem make it more magnificent than any other natural gem we know of. Why? Because sapphires are though to be from the heavens, of the heavens and have often been used to symbolising heavenly forces or faiths.

No other gemstone can claim to have the properties of the sapphire. The purity and devotion it brings to lovers, the faith and protection it brings to those who need it most and the divine, heavenly guidance it provides to those who are lost or in need of a home. The Vedic Civilisation used the stone and hailed it’s seemingly miraculous powers. These powers are still seen today and have since been scientifically verified to help with cardio issues, nausea, gastric ulcers, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and mental disorders. No other stone can claim to have these properties.

How Does it Work?

Modern-day medical trials have shown the benefits that blue sapphire can have towards combating pain, bloating, insomnia and many other ailments that western medicine is usually turned to for help with.

The healing properties of the blue sapphire can work by counteracting beta brain waves and increasing the production of endorphins by the brain – this, in turn, can help with nervous disorders and even mean that the precious gem can be used as a sedative.

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