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Arthritis and bladder problems
It’s been brilliant! I had pain in the left leg and after just one treatment there has been no pain, amazing! I was on Vesicare for my bladder and after 3 treatments I have been able to stop this tablet and my bladder is alright now.

Diabetes Ulcer on Foot

The following PDF shows you pictures and description of an open ulcer sore on my foot and the incredible healing done over a short period of time with the Theragem Fusion Light Therapy. The wound continued to heal much faster than anticipated thanks to Theragem used with Emerald [Gemcup] on Calming -100%.
I’ve had an ulcer before on the same foot and it took a year to heal because at that time (five yrs ago) podiatrist didn’t know how to treat a wound and it almost caused me to lose my foot. Luckily one day I found out about wound care specialist and there were only two at the time in Las Vegas. It took 40 two hr dives to heal my foot at a cost of thousands of dollars.
With 20 sessions sitting relaxed on a chair I think this is fantastic! See PDF here

Tony Becker, USA 2015

Wound healing

Interesting thing, one of my friends on the trip has had a growth cut out of his cranium and had a skin graft, probably done about 2 months back. Anyway this wound was looking decidedly nasty, infected and inflamed.

I had taken the Clinique with me so proceeded to treat him with Elation, then Emerald on the wound and then Diamond and Carnelian from an angle. There was an immediate improvement visible the next day and I did this protocol over 3 days. I met him again on Friday evening, a week later, and could not believe the improvement, you could hardly see there had been surgery.

KM – SA, September 2015

Arthritis and bladder problems

It’s been brilliant! I had pain in the left leg and after just one treatment there has been no pain, amazing! I was on Vesicare for my bladder and after 3 treatments I have been able to stop this tablet and my bladder is alright now. Before the Assemblage Point I was self-conscious however after having it I am living in the here and now and I am a lot more confident about myself. The treatment is relaxing and I am happy I have had it. Rita makes me feel at ease and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Client – MIND n SOUL Holistic Therapies, UK


I had used an asthma preventer and reliever (steroid) inhalers for several years before I was treated on the Theragem. Gradually over the first few weeks of treatment, the tightening in my chest, which had become quite frightening and causing me to reach for my ‘reliever’ each time with alarm, became less frequent intense. I started allowing each one to just go off in its own time. I then found that I was waiting for my chest to tighten after doing something slightly strenuous, only to find that it didn’t or it was hardly noticeable. I certainly feel that the Theragem has been instrumental in this improvement.
Mrs MH, December 2007

“I had treatment for asthma and now for another condition that has been giving me a lot of pain. For the first time in a long time I am off painkillers and have a healthy vibrant skin colour compared to years of looking washed out and grey”.

Valerie T 10/22/2008

Cancer support

I came to the Hippocrates Institute with a diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and nine months of failed chemotherapy. My spleen was greatly enlarged, as were lymph nodes throughout my body, particularly in my neck. I was exhausted and felt beaten down with the progression of the disease and the effects of so much chemotherapy and antibiotics. Yesterday began my second week at Hippocrates. The Theragem and Viofor treatments I received marked a significant turning point in my overall energy and mental clarity. I experienced the Viofor treatment as a subtle flow of energy moving through my body. But when the pad was placed behind my neck, I felt a tingling and heat in my lower legs, followed by sensations of expansions in my neck and shoulders. This seems to have been the perfect prelude to my Theragem session, which immediately followed. The ‘mind fog’ treatment was extraordinary. I had vivid visualizations, including a wonderfully supportive visit from my father, deceased now nearly thirty years. I came out of a deep meditative state into feelings of greatly increased mental clarity and physical energy. This is the best I’ve felt in many months.

Additional focus on my spleen has softened it and it feels a bit smaller. I am ‘cradling’ it as it returns to a healthy size and functioning. Today a current of joy carries me and lightens my step that has been absent for a long time.”

Kenneth R. 09/8/09

It was in April 2009 that I first went to see my doctor about the lump I found under my arm. I thought I’d pulled a muscle at first, but when it persisted a friend insisted I had it checked out. The doctor referred me to the breast clinic, where I had a mammogram and two biopsies. I had a further biopsy before they confirmed that it was cancer. When the doctor first referred me, I had a gut feeling that the results would show it to be cancer. However, I also had a positive feeling from the beginning – I felt sure I would find a way to get through it.

At my first appointment with the anaesthetist she said that, due to an atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat), it would be a big risk for them to operate on me under a general anaesthetic. One of my ventricles doesn’t work 100% and 8 years before I’d had a mini stroke. The breast consultant told me there would be a 70% chance of a massive heart attack or stroke if I went under the anaesthetic.

Nevertheless, I still had the pre-op assessments done and they measured my tumour in July as being 3.5 cm wide. Later that month (July) I was introduced to The Sanctuary of Healing where I had an initial assessment, which led to my sessions on the Theragem.

Whilst I was attending my twice daily sessions at The Sanctuary, I still visited the hospital and at the end of August they measured my tumour as being 2.8 cm. I was even more delighted when on 2 December they found it to have gone down to 2 cm. I have been very positive all along. When I first came to The Sanctuary I didn’t feel sure about the therapy being slightly cynical about alternative therapies, as many people are but after chatting to Tony Clarkson (Therapist) he took a weight off my shoulders.

I came a couple of times and did not have the relaxing Elation session where the sapphires are put to your temples. The day they put the sapphires on I just knew this was going to work because my whole body totally relaxed and from then on I believed in Theragem and all the various gem mixtures. I fully recommend Theragem technology to anybody in a similar position as I was. I told them at the hospital I attend for my condition it’s a pity that the medical profession do not accept these non invasive alternative treatments because they are marvellous.

Elsie G – April 2009

“I felt very calm, peaceful, not nervous. When the technician put the lights on my body, I started to do my mantra and as I was getting more in depth I started to imagine that inside my body was feeling the sensation of movement like water – very light movement not heavy and as I was getting more deeply relaxed, I was able to see light. Some colors and feeling that I was floating when they put the lights on my breast as I imagined that my cells started moving. I was able to see a little more movement in my cells.”

Lidia F. – 4/29/09 Breast Cancer

Muscle & Bone

Frozen shoulder for two years, low back pain

After six sessions of crystal light therapy my low back pain was completely recovered. My shoulder pain was much better almost gone and the limitation of movement was 95% better. As a result my morale is better. After the assemblage point while resting in a comfort I remembered an offer of a job done to me many years ago. I began thinking about my decision if it was right or wrong. I thank very much to Dr Faik who has done this therapy

BF, Istanbul – Dr Faik Selcen Kuantum Saglik Turkey – 6 sessions

Bilateral shin splints

“Helped to reduce the pain and tenderness so only needed one week off from training and it allowed me to return to running a lot sooner than expected.”

Dr. Ros Drake from Drake Chiropractic – Ireland

Foot injury

I have owned a Theragem T1002 for approximately 3 years. I have used it throughout that time and have had many positive results. Recently, however, I have begun to use it daily. I have had a nagging, painful and intractable injury to my heel. I had tried using the Theragem on it sporadically and had had some relief when I used it. Now that I am using it daily the injury has improved dramatically. My pain has been profoundly reduced and, as importantly, my mobility has increased 500% or more. I am now, for the first time in over a year, able to take long walks and not suffer tremendous pain.

In short, the Theragem has made a profound contribution to my well being


Ears, Nose & Throat

Nose and throat congestion (cold) – increased energy

As the treatment started, I felt a strong pulsating through my body – mainly in my head, neck and chest area which subsided after about 5 minutes. I focused on deep yogic breathing and had a wonderful relaxing time. About half way through the treatment I swallowed and my throat felt about 90% better. After treatment quite a bit of mucus had lifted off my chest, but the most notable difference was how I felt in my head – amazing clarity – and my energy – very clean, clear and grounded. I have been feeling excessively stressed and ’out of my body’ for a number of weeks (hence coming down with this cold!) and felt blocked and unable to get back down into that wonderful space within – this treatment has lifted what ever that was and I’m feeling back to my normal self once again! I’ve been coughing less and had less mucus today and my energy levels are still very good. I’d like to have one at home for myself!! 

Ms SH, Australia, September 2008

Sinus attack

“From as far back as I can remember I have suffered from sinus attacks. The older I got the more sever they became. Anti-biotics and inhalers for up to 3 months at a time would only provide temporary relief.
There was a notable decline in my condition towards the end of 2008. Fed up with conventional methods, I decided to try a session with the Theragem which I came across in a health magazine.

After just one session I felt relief. I was amazed by this and immediately booked in for 3 more sessions. Since then I haven’t needed to take any inhalers or oral antibiotics. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend this effective form of treatment.”

Ms EE. January 2010


Chills and fatigue

“I had a triple session with Niamh using the Theragem and by the following day I felt energized and have had no more bouts of chills, sweats and exhaustion.

Fantastic result!”

MB – Ireland

Chronic Tiredness for 2 to 3 years

“Recommended to InSpirit by a friend. After 4 sessions I found that I was no longer fatigued at the end of the day or on waking up in the morning. I had the energy back to do things in the evening after work which I wasn’t able to do/had no interest in doing for the past two years.”

BS – Ireland

Heart failure

My husband is suffering from Heart Failure and one of the side effects of the condition, and the medication, is a nasty cough. We were having very disturbed nights and he was extremely fragile during the day until he started treatment with the Theragem Machine, twice a week. The improvement since then is absolutely incredible. He is sleeping all night, apart from the usual trips to the bathroom, and very much improved during the day, having much more energy, it is unbelievable

EW – United Kingdom


I am a twenty three year old male from the United states. I was first introduced to the TigerGem earlier this year in April 2010.

After just a few sessions of using the system I felt the sudden urge to urinate. It was in that process that I realized that I had never fully experienced this physiological process with such ease and comfort. It was for the first time and from then on I continue to have full releases that before I never did


I had been suffering from fatigue with pains in all my large joints for years. I had tried to find out with little success the reason for my problem.

On a routine visit to my GP the symptoms where discussed arthritis was mentioned conclusion was to stay off the foods that bothered me and to stay warm but just to be on the safe side we would do some blood tests. A week later I was called back into the doctors to be told that I had an under active thyroid. More tests were needed to find out what part of the thyroid wasn’t working. At this point my mother pointed out that she had been diagnosed with an under active thyroid at the same age and had taken thyroxin ever since and that once I was on thyroxin everything would be OK.

But I have always tried to avoid drugs as much as possible. So I went to look for an alternative which my GP was happy for me to do. My first port of call was the sanctuary of healing where I new that they had a wonderful machine called the Theragem having been on this machine a few months earlier with great results. I made the call to see if it was possible to treat thyroid problems with the machine the answer came back yes. Appointments where made and a course of treatments where undertaken. Before the treatments where undertaken I was so tired I tried to take the thyroxin that the doctor had prescribed .Knowing how sensitive my system is > I only took half the dose every other day in total I took 5 doses at which point my stomach reacted so severely that I had to stop . I was also starting to get chest pains. So I went back to my GP she prescribed another brand of thyroxin and appointments where made to get my heart checked out and that until these tests where done no more thyroxin should be taken. In the mean time I had started my appointments on the Theragem I had 6 appointments in total spaced out a week apart by the end of which I was starting to feel like my old self again. The pains in my arms had started to decrease energy levels where coming back up plus my general health was starting to improve the chest pains stopped as soon as I stopped taking the thyroxin .All the tests for the chest pains proved to be OK. Just one more test for cholesterol as this test was being taken I asked Please could I also have my thyroid tested again to seethe level at which it was because I was starting to feel so much better and didn’t want to have to start taking the drugs again they had made me feel so ill. I was called back a week later to be told that not only was my cholesterol fine but that my thyroid was at a normal acceptable level and I didn’t need to take anymore thyroxin.

I skipped out of the doctors that day a dream come true. My thyroid was in balance again so no drugs needed. And after everybody telling me that that was it I would have to be on thyroxin for the rest of my life and there were no alternatives

Julie C (44yrs old)
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