Spiritual Age of Aquarius Activation; Phenomena’s Right Here, Right Now!

Coming from a company who produces cutting edge technology, this post may seem a little different, however there are some tangible changes occurring around us as we all supposedly return to a normal state of life. But is it really a ‘return’ or are we gearing up for permanent change? Might we finally find the peace and inner contentment we’ve all been searching for and help others to reach that state too?

Over the last year several heads of state including those of Finland, Iceland, New Zealand (notably all females) and others, have declared that the importance of family life would over-take the cloying and relentless wheel of economic prosperity we have come to expect from modern day life. These women maintain that this return to a nurturing family environment would ultimately redeem their countries and their people.

Many of us have spent the last few months social distancing, safely cocooned inside our homes, spending real time with our loved ones. Such a simple act has dramatically changed our perspectives. We have reflected on our lives, our jobs, our everyday stresses, and many of us have woken up to the realisation that changes need to be made. This newfound awareness has activated the life force within us: Kundalini.

Due to the government’s imposed guidelines and their derogatory attitude towards therapists who are unable to work, many lightworkers have begun following online courses to build their skills and add to their healing repertoire. Many others have taken steps to follow their inner calling, changing the way they introduce and present themselves more authentically, which is regarded an Aquarian feature in astrology.

Awakening the Individual Phenomena

One inspiring example of the waking up process is Ayurvedic practitioner Tomaz Mueller, London, UK, who has given this concept a whole new meaning with the recent launch of his refreshed website. Understanding the concept of healing is taking place on many levels from physical to spiritual, the outer side being an expression of the inner ‘feel good’ factor resonating through the clearing of emotional and mental issues with herbs, essential oils, meditation, breathing exercises, and cutting edge quantum technology (including Theragem Fusion Light Therapy). Tomaz faced his inner transformation and managed to cultivate his excellent talent and skill, without reverting back to the equipment used, to help others raise their wellbeing. Realising people come to see the therapist, and not the equipment only, he sure painted a fine picture!

People come with the need to be healed from their physical and emotional traumas and with a need to understand their weaker inhibitions, so that they too can raise their vibrations. After all, the challenges and the changes in our weather system mean that healing on all levels must happen, and with more and more people waking up, the need to create positive timelines is here and now.

For our Theragem Therapists we have now included a whole new chapter in our gemcup range, called the Collective Evolution gemcups, to help raise the vibration, with selective protocols geared towards opening the third eye to activation of energetic DNA codes.

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Over these next four weeks you can raise your own vibration with the Phenomena Gemcup, the most amazing mix of 13 specially selected gems, giving a spectacular sight of light, colour and vibrations! The lucky client receiving the therapy session will experience an abundance of joy, grace and harmony, grounding and aligning of all chakra’s from Earth Star Chakra to Soul Star Chakra!

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