The Heart of the Matter – Assembling Connections

Calling out for Assemblage Point Connections to be made by medical professionals and therapists.

Over the years there has been a stream of research which focuses on how the Earth’s Schumann Resonance affects the functioning of the heart as an organ. The HeartMath Institute has conducted investigations into the increasing fluctuations in the field and the impact they have on the human body.

There is growing concern and considerable research that demonstrates how the electromagnetic grid has a strong effect on anxiety and stress, mental disarray, and dyscognitive states. This is now being seriously considered by medical professionals of prominent hospitals when patients describe certain symptoms, such as anxiety and restlessness. ECG (EEK) equipment is patently capable of picking up on these fluctuations and its accuracy and importance can no longer be dismissed. Medica Health’s best-selling monitoring tool, HeartQuest [click on link] measures the heart rate variability simply, non-invasively and within just 300 heartbeats. It is with this in mind that the optimum positioning of the Assemblage Point is so important.

When the Assemblage Point is in its correct position, the influence of external tribulations is minimal and easily overcome, allowing a person to feel grounded and calm, with clarity of thought and mind. Disturbed emotions are easily dealt with and put into their correct context, with no ill lasting aftereffects. The immune system will be strong and optimised to rapidly respond to attacks of micro-organisms.

If the Schumann Resonance power fluxes are of influence on our total wellbeing, it is becoming increasingly important to observe and study these fluctuations. One of our Theragem therapists from Finland remarked on the fact that her heart can be affected by the electromagnetic influences of her country’s position on the world map, close to the north pole. It is not only the amount of unevenly distributed sunlight in a year which causes this effect, but also the distribution of EMF and how it flows, that has been shown to have a major influence on the heart’s health.

Another case showed on three specific days over a period of 10 days, at approximately the same time each day, a patient having a HeartQuest exam which showed uneven heartbeats. The second day the test could not be done, and on the third day, another test showed an arrythmia that was not repeatable in checks done by a local hospital. An anomaly? After a little more time and research, the statistical charts of the Schumann Resonance at the archive of (make sure to give them a coffee for their work) of that same day showed an increase in power of the output, which could explain the heart’s anomalous beats. Thankfully, the patient’s irregular heartbeats subsided and returned to a normal state and stayed normal in follow up readings.

To conclude, if the Schumann Resonance fluctuations have such a huge impact on the wellbeing of the state of someone’s heart, how much can this also influence the Assemblage Point and an individual’s ability to stay grounded and well balanced? Should we go out and hit everybody with a well-meaning and deserved blow between the shoulder blades?

Read here on the Assemblage Point and to download the brochure with case studies

Dates and times of the white outs coinciding with the times of the tests. From top to bottom:

Reading 4 January 2019 HeartQuest front screen, Schumann Resonance data, underneath from 9 January 2019 of HeartQuest,  Schumann Resonance data