Theragem’s Light Way of Releasing the Old Lineages

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2019 is a year of change, a landmark year which will uncover all repressed and subdued material from previous years and signify a process of evolution and growth. Finally, people across the world begin to see, feel and recognise that the incredible pressures put upon us are not normal. High-speed lifestyles, both in work and in our personal lives, mean that we don’t thrive, no time to process, but instead we suffer and endure pain on all levels, resulting in a multitude of debilitating conditions.
For those unwilling to continue with the status quo, who desire a more meaningful, enlightened existence, Medica Health presents a new paradigm: the Ancestral Release Cups, or the ARC of Light. It has taken our specialist team over two years to create these gemcups, as they were rigorously tried and tested to get the best, most amazing outcomes

The timing of these new blends is fortuitous, as we as humankind face the enormous task of clearing up the ‘junk yard’ of our individual and ancestral past. Recently even BBC news published an article on Epigenetics as mainstream science starts to explore the possible effects of trauma passing down generations via the DNA and genes. To achieve this clearing requires not only reflection and insight, but willingness to move forward on energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. To create loving wisdom for all that lives allowed to flow without the restricting ties of the past.

The Collective Evolution Range Gemcups

After numerous trials and in-depth research as a guide, we recommend using all three gemcups together with Theragem’s basic protocols of Elation and Spleen, seeing the client in a short space of about a week for the utmost positive effects.
Each ARC of Light gemcup dissolves deeply, but carefully, layers of lineages and generations, clearing the karmic residues and replacing these with the pure intent of restoring and reconnecting the client’s true-life purpose.

Often the first ARC session will typically see results shedding light years of stress, burdens and pain, bringing a feeling of euphoria and allowing memories to be seen as loving lessons.
During the second ARC session, all disorder and chaos is cleared with universal love and protection, a sensation described by one client as ‘ripples of energy and warmth’ radiating from her chest followed by childhood images and even snapshots from previous lives.
The third ARC session has demonstrated a removal of disturbances on all levels, including the reversal of physical limitations, as shown here with this client’s feedback:
Whilst seated, with the Theragem unit aimed over the whole body, this client reports feeling ‘a cold laser beam’ of energy flowing first into her right ear, then her left. This is significant as the client has worn hearing aids in both ears for 15 years coupled with a deep sense of clarity, confidence and freedom. Over the next few days the client reports that she ‘senses her hearing is sharper, and people are not needing to repeat themselves in the work place.’
Finally, a fourth closing off session is recommended, with any of the Collective Evolution Range gemcups, a choice made from the client’s feedback. Openness and sensitivity will increase, burdens will evaporate, and at the same time during the sessions, Theragem’s key triggers of Elation and Spleen will have built up a number of positive responses, reportedly shown in heart rate variability, sleeping rhythms, energized immune system, and activated and enhanced circulation, lowering insulin levels and balancing cholesterol levels along with many more benefits.

ARC of Light in the Tenerife Retreat – a Sacred Journey!

The beneficial use of Theragem creates a sacred space for the therapist as well, enables them to use their energetic talents to lovingly guide and nurture this immense process of change. As a result, more clients can be helped to navigate the realm of their deepest, subconscious levels without exhausting the therapist. This is crucial as the number of people achieving realisation is only going to increase. At last, both client and therapist can now fully optimize and speed up the clearing – cleansing process, so more can enjoy life with energy and vigour.

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