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Jane Robson became interested in complementary therapies after experiencing illness, such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma and repeated chest infections. These continued into her thirties. Growing up on steroidal creams, inhalers and antibiotics, Jane sometimes experienced side effects, which provided only temporary relief and did not address the root cause of the problem. Following this Jane became interested in other more gentle approaches to getting better.
When her mother became ill with leukemia Jane was even more motivated to explore root cause and possible healing of this, and dis-ease in general. One of the things that jumped out for Jane were crystals and it started with her giving her mother an amethyst crystal for deep relaxation and spirituality, which triggered her to learn about crystal healing. From there her journey brought her to Theragem Fusion Light therapy utilizing precious gems and crystals, which was just brought on the market and she discovered the positive effect on her own health related issues.
Today, Jane has no eczema, no asthma, almost no psoriasis and no longer gets chest infections. Her enthusiasm brought her to work for three years as a therapist at The Sanctuary of Healing in Lancashire, and she now runs her own Holistic practice called Lifelight Health.
Jane said: “I believe Theragem stands out from other therapies, in that it is non-invasive, which suits some patients who do not want physical contact. So it is comfortable in accessing the therapy. It is gentle and effective and achieves results in just a few sessions, depending on the condition presented.”
Accredited in Crystal Healing, Reiki, NLP, IEMT and Diamond Inguz Light Healing, Nutritional Healing studying A Course in Miracles, utilizes all her therapies, and focusing primarily on Theragem, to bring relief for mental, emotional or physical problems.
Jane is based Wilpshire, Lancashire. If you would like more information contact us at
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