Therapist special – Joyce Stephenson

Medica Health International ltd
Our local therapist Joyce Stephenson is from Read, situated in the beautiful Ribble Valley.
Joyce is a holistic therapist qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki healing, NLP, Crystotherapy, Crystal Light Therapy (Theragem) and a Cuppa and a Chat Therapist.

“I have been on a lot of amazing workshops that keep adding to my tool box. However the Theragem is right by my side I use it with most of my therapies. I’ve had my Theragem for over seven years it was a very special gift from my Dad and Mum, I’m so blessed and very grateful. I charge my room before my clients come in with whatever Gemcup I’m drawn too. I charge my crystals with the lovely diamond & Carnelian when they need cleansing. I have amazing experiences when I take the Theragem to small Mind Body and Spirit gatherings. I give a free 10 minute Elation session and in that small window of time results have been incredible.

A Lady in her early 70s recently lost her husband and I could see the strain in her posture and her face. After her 10 mins she was glowing and said she felt very relaxed, floaty and comforted. A man in his late 30s had lost his father 7 months ago and started crying during his 10 mins, checking he was coping he smiled and said he felt his father was with him and couldn’t put in to words the comfort that it gave him. Another lady in her late 30s within the 10 mins had her Assemblage Point shifted. She didn’t know anything about the point but when she said she could see the grids surrounding her I showed her a diagram of the assemblage which she immediately agreed was what she visualised.

I offer full treatments with great results, but seeing the healing results in such a short space of time is heartwarming as a therapist.” If you would like more information contact us at

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