Welcome to the New Medica Health Website

Medica Health International ltd

For a long time, we have been working on an online experience that is as useful and as user-friendly as our unique variety of therapeutic products. With the launch of our brand new website, we feel this has truly been achieved.

From our complete range of Theragem devices and specialist medical equipment such as the Heart Rate Variability Monitor, to the healing crystalline Gemcups, you will be able to find everything you need to rebalance your mind, body and soul.

However, Medica Health is more than just a distributer of some of the most simple-to-use and effective equipment available today, we also live to spread the word and teach the public about this amazing therapy. Along with our training sessions and events, you can also find information on Crystal Light Therapy itself, and find out the science behind this proven healing technology.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website. Remember that we are always available for those with questions, so if you would like to enquire about anything you find here, please feel free to contact us–we can’t wait to hear from you.